NEWS: 2016 became the year where this wonderful collaboration stopped. Time had come to move on separately, towards new musicprojects & new horizons.


Ladies Sing the Blues was founded in 2001 for a specific project at the Copenhagen Blues Festival.

A band was born. The festival had joined six people, all well known musicians/singers on the Danish musicscene, that immediately connected in a great musical and personal groove.


The band have been touring at festivals and Clubs inside and outside Denmark ever since.


Ladies Sing the Blues debut CD "Uh Oh Yeah!" Released in January 2008, shows a remarkable performance.


The bands repertoire is a great mix of rollin’ honky tonk blues, groovy swamp and jazzy blues tunes..etc.


The 3 powerful Ladies states:

We are women singing about what we think is important in Life: Love, men, food... and a good laugh.


The ladies are joined by 3 great gentlemen who always keep the groove cooking!


Ladies Sing the Blues is:


Ane Kramme Abildtoft, Lea Thorlann, Lene Strøyer: vocals



Stuart Goodstein: Keys, André Sørensen: Bass, Gert Smedegaard: Drums



The press on Ladies Sing the Blues:


A wonderful show full of musicality - in the international top class. Three powerful singers backed by three first-rate Danish musicians.

A wickedly groovy evening - the three girls had a sparkle in their eyes and amazing voices - they sure can swing!


(Blå Båten, Malmö) SE

Three Danish girls are world-class with their band - great singers and musicians!


(Malmö Copenhagen Blues Connection) SE


…the three power girls get under your skin right away, singing with nerve, a sense of humour, imagination and elegance. It may get a little naughty, yet deeply heartfelt. With the three singers alternating as soloist, beautifully supported by the others' vocal harmonies, an almost Harlem-like scene and floor show is presented, including a carefully chosen repertoire of jazz, soul, gospel and blues classics, at all times in unpredictable and surprising arrangements.

Behind the instruments you´ll find three highly competent gentlemen, who are having a job matching the inventiveness in the front of the stage.

It sure takes a man to keep up with these ladies, or three…as it were!


(Copenhagen Blues Festival)


CD REVIEWs "Uh Oh Yeah!": (additional reviews and press is available)


Denmark sings the Blues and does a fine job.........

A six-piece band fronted by three powerful female vocalists, who individually provide some excellent solo performances and together beautiful harmonies.

The three accomplished male musicians are never overly intrusive and provide a tight, easy sounding, laidback feel that compliments the vocals well. The normal keyboards, drums and bass are joined on a couple oftracks by a guest guitarist who helps to maintain the freshness.


(Thomas Rankin - Blues Matters - june 2008) UK


CD-review ”Rootzone” 10. April 2008:


Three charming and ample ladies are obviously having a great time showing off their full-bodied talents in 10 brash songs . Blues nerds should give into the power of the lower body. This critic admits to not knowing Ane Kramme Abildtoft, Lene Strøyer and Lea Thorlann but it is a pleasant wake-up call listening to "Uh Oh Yeah" and making this new aquintance.

And oh - can they sing this music!


(Nils Thorlund)



CD Review: ”Jazz Special" March 2008:


They almost look like three mature girlfriends shopping at the mall but with the piano-bass-drums trio, boa feathers and three mikes - they jumped onto the stage as "Ladies sing the blues" - and breathed new life into the concrete building in the suburbs.That's how it's done! And this is how Ane Kramme Abildtoft, Lene Strøyer and Lea Thorlann kick life into their cd debut - with a well-balanced mix of humor, drama, empathy and partying. Exactly like they sing - the sensual "Uh", the sensitive "Oh", the powerful "Yeah". The ladies master it all - and above everything else, they sound like they are having fun! It's contagious! Just like the wonderful US trio Saffire Uppity Blues Women - who seem to have inspired "our ladies" a bit. And a little from Etta James - and a litte from Marva Wright - the mighty blues mama from New Orleans. And a lot from the ladies themselves.

Refreshing compared to gentleman in leather vests, with electric guitars and Sweet Home Chicago on the set list, the ladies are - of course - great singers. They get into all corners of the songs and live up to the original idea - to get more women into the blues - and the old truth that you should support your local blues bar and experience the music in concert.

(Paul Brasso)












An experienced performer with a large repertoire and wide stylistic span. 1992-2002 she fronted the blues/jazz band "Full Moon Cats" and is presently the lead-vocalist in "Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel" (bigband/bluesy-swing).

In 2004 she released the album “Poems from the Past” with her own songs (groovy jazz-fusion) and is furthermore appearing on a large

number of cd'es such as: "Lazy Day" with Fullmoon Cats, ”Evil Gal Blues” & ”The first 50 years” with Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel, ”LOVE” with Joy Delivered...etc.












Lene Strøyer has earned a reputation as one of Denmark's best blues singers with an exceptional soulful voice and a great performer...and was awarded "the Bluesname of 2010"in Denmark.

She has performed with several bands (jazz, soul, funk, and blues) on the Scandinavian live scene since 1987.

Besides Ladies Sing the Blues and the Beat Birds L.S is also the front figure in the band Mama's Blues Joint, that she founded in 2002. The band released their debut CD “Mama's Blues Joint” in the spring 2005 and "Blues in Many Colors" 2008.

Besides songs for Ladies Sing the Blues, Lene Strøyer has also written songs for several Danish artists, and is used as a back-up singer on many CD projects.











In 1999, Lea graduated from The Danish Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen, majoring in singing. In 2000, she received a 50.000 kr. grant from Leonie Sonnings Music fond.

Lea has worked as a backing vocalist with numerous artists. At the front of the stage, she is known as a singer with powerful vocal, often inspiring critics to draw comparisons with Janis Joplin.

She also sings with ”Troels Jensen & the Healers and Bells of Joy” and ”Waitin’ for Janis” and least but not last in ”Thorlann & the Spicy Gang” that plays Lea’s compositions - released the cd ”Untitled” 2008.












Since 1990 Stuart Goodstein has worked with a variety of Danish and foreign musicians - playing the blues, jazz and pop as bandleader & sideman.

In 1996 he released the album "The Butterfly Gate" and in recent years ”Embrace” 2009 and ”A night out” 2012.

Besides playing live tours and working as Musical Director with theatrical groups, Stuart Goodstein is composing, scoring, producing and performing for web and screen.

1997 he received "Portalens Jazz Award":...for his deep groove and abilyty to unite tradition with innovation and spontaneity.











Has played professionally since 1980. A.S. was trained at Dick Grove School of Music in the US. He has worked as a studio, band and live musician with numerous bands, besides playing on several albums.

A.S. has great experience with a variety of musical styles. He also plays in the latin-jazz group “Manteca“ and ”The Original Polcalypso Orchestra" (Danish/West Indian music) and the blues/soul band ”Mama’s Blues Joint”.








One of Denmarks best drumplayers- a groovy experienced musician...steady as a rock.

Gert Smedegaard is playing/has played with C.V. Jørgensen, Allan Olsen, Tamra Rosanes, Niels Skousen etc.

.......and since 2007 also with Ladies Sing the Blues.


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